Our assets

Commercial and Business Law

As interface between law and economy we are the perfect contact for international companies. Our economic specific expertise is based on a treasure trove of experience in connection with several successful carried out project in former Yugoslavia.

Corporation Law

Whether incorporated company or limited liability company – we serve you in connection with the foundation of the proper form of company respectively in connection with company law issues, both at home and abroad

Real estate Law

Each country has it´s specific peculiarities and prescriptions in connection with a purchase of real estates. Due to our locations in Croatia and Slovenia and our co-operation partners in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina we can handle any insecurity caused by such peculiarities and prescriptions and we can assist you well on site too.

Family Law

We gently assist you in connection with family matters such as: marriage, divorce, alimony or right of custody.

European Law

Concerning cross-border questions clauses of regulations and directives of the European Union are applied again and again. Based on our international range of activity we are surly the accurate contact for this filed of law.

Labour Law

Our office is at your´s disposal as a legal partner in connection with labour issues or disputes concerning a severance pay, a leave entitlement, as well as a redundancy, a dismissal or other cancelation of an employment contract.


We assist you with the enforcement of compensation in connection with an accident or with the enforcement of other titles according to Civil Law, in particular concerning contractual relationships such as defects liability in connection with a purchase.

Proxy in civil and public-law proceedings

We consult and plead your case in civil proceedings and public-law proceedings both at home and abroad up to and including award procedures, also we assist you with the best possible protection of your right to a fair trial.