Our strengths

Network in former Yugoslavia

We are present in all countries of former Yugoslavia: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Together with our co-operation partners we afford you a local competent legal monitoring. Not only our language ability will be of use in line with transactions, which should be carried out with Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian negotiating parties. Based on our long lasting activities in connection with the Commercial and Business Law of former Yugoslavia we have intuition with our conversational partners too.


Our office settles all hearings, correspondence or contractual documents in the local language. Generally we settle projects of our German speaking clients bilingual. The members of our staff are multilingual too. They can serve you amongst others during general meetings of incorporated companies and general assemblies of limited liability companies as recording clerk and editor of protocols in the particular language.

Commercial expertise for more than 30 years

From the beginning our office is concerned with incorporation of an enterprise and takeover. In addition to that we are specialists for Labour Law, Real Estate Law (in particular Tenancy Law), Building Law, intellectual property rights for decades.

Rapidly on location

We are flexible und rapid on site - outside of our offices as well.